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Publication of the thematic focus "Affective Regimes of Care beyond Humanitarian Crisis," edited by Heike Drotbohm & Hansjörg Dilger, has been released.

In a thematic section of the journal Focaal (vol. 98/1, 2024), the focus is on the expansion and differentiation of various forms of humanitarian aid, deeply rooted in contemporary political and social order.

News from Feb 26, 2024

In the introduction by Heike Drotbohm and Hansjörg Dilger, who are also the editors of the special issue of the journal, the contemporary emergence of new forms of informal, crisis-related care practices is outlined, which both complement and contradict classical forms of humanitarian aid. Against the backdrop of increasingly widespread criticism of large-scale international humanitarian assistance, the spread, merging, and differentiation of novel forms of non-state aid are described. Drotbohm and Dilger (2024) examine, from an affect theoretical perspective, how regimes of care are experienced, performed, and reflected upon beyond exceptional situations in crises.

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