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Affect, Emotion and the Political

The working group "Affect, Emotion and the Political" facilitated an interdisciplinary exchange on the role of affect and emotion for workings of the political. To that end, participants from different sub-projects and otherwise associated with the Collaborative Research Centre contributed data, material and research findings to an open group discussion. We took a theoretically slim working concept to conceive of the political in affective societies as a stating point for approaching the question how affect and emotion shape the workings of the political. In our view, this should be approached from the ground up and needs a certain theoretical openness to tackle the field more broadly.

As part of the Long Night of Science 2018 at Freie Universität, some of the research results were presented to a broader public. Six contributions can be found here on the SFB blog. In addition, the open access book "The Politics of Affective Societies. An Interdisciplinary Essay" was published by transcript Verlag