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Affect, Emotion and the Political

The working group "Affect, Emotion and the Political" facilitates an interdisciplinary exchange on the role of affect and emotion for workings of the political. To that end, participants from different sub-projects and otherwise associated with the Collaborative Research Centre contribute data, material and research findings to an open group discussion. We take a theoretically slim working concept to conceive of the political in affective societies as a stating point for approaching the question how affect and emotion shape the workings of the political. In our view, this should be approached from the ground up and needs a certain theoretical openness to tackle the field more broadly. Our aim is to connect the different insights and perspectives of our group members in a collaborative writing projects to better come to terms with the relationship of affect, emotion and the political.


Jonas Bens (B04)


Aletta Diefenbach (C04), Thomas John (A05), Antje Kahl (project nomad), Hauke Lehmann (C06), Matthias Luethjohann (A03), Dominik Mattes (C03), Friederike Oberkrome (C05), Derya Özkaya (C01), Jean-Baptiste Pettier (Associated), Hans Roth (C05), Gabriel Scheidecker (A01), Gerhard Thonhauser (Associated), Nur Yasemin Ural (C04), Dina Wahba (C01), Robert Walter-Jochum (C04), Ragip Zik (Associated)

Meeting Schedule

9 Oct 2018 JK 33/204 10-16h Authors' Workshop
17 July 2018 JK 33/204 10-16h Authors' Workshop
8 May 2018 JK 33/244 10-13h Editing Session
24 Apr 2018 JK 33/244 10-13h Discussion Session
6 Mar 2018 JK 33/244 10-13h Presentation Session
6 Feb 2018 JK 33/244 10-13h Data Presentation Session
9 Jan 2018 JK 33/244 10-13h Data Presentation Session
5 Dec 2017 JK 28/208 10-13h Data Presentation Session
14 Nov 2017 KL 29/239 10-13h Data Presentation Session
17 Oct 2017 JK 26/101 10-13h Reading Session
26 Jun 2017 JK 33/121 14-16h Inaugural Session

Additional Activities

Post-Humanitarianism and Affective Labor (Working Title)
Workshop with Michal Givoni, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

23 Nov 2018, 10-13h KL 32/202

"The Politics of Empathy: Humanitarian Assistance of Palestinian Refugees in Greece"
Talk by Michal Givoni, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

22 Nov 2018, 18-20h KL 32/202

Themed Thread "Affect, Emotion and Poltics" consisting of six blog posts

Link to the Affective Societies Blog

Forum Discussion on "Emotions and the Political" at the Long Night of the Sciences 14 Jun 2018, 20-21.30h Link to the program