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Birgit Bosold

Birgit Bosold

Birgit Bosold
Image Credit: Heiko Kalmbach

Birgit Bosold has been a member of the board of the Schwules Museum since 2006. She is responsible for funding and finances, was instrumental in the strategic reorientation of the museum, and directed major projects such as the exhibition Homosexualität_ies in 2015/2016. Most recently, she realized a traveling exhibition on German queer history together with Carina Klugbauer, that is touring internationally (http://www.queerexhibition.org/en). 
Professionally, she is also active in private banking. After her studies and doctorate in literary studies, she worked at various renowned banks and is currently a freelance consultant in portfolio management.

Panel "Museum Queeries": Curatorial Activism and Queer Curating: Some insights into the policies of Schwules Museum Berlin.

28th May 03.30 – 05.00 pm | Birgit Bosold

Founded in 1985 as a grassroots project dedicated exclusively to the history and culture of gay men, Schwules Museum is now one most important queer culture institutions in the world. This talk will briefly introduce its history exploring as well the strange dialectics between conformist accommodation and subversive potentials. It will ask how an institution now well established can reclaim its own radical roots to embrace the challenging implications of contemporary queer politics, what has been accomplished, what remains to be done, and what strategies we might use to move forward.