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Presentations by Ana Makhashvili, Débora Medeiros and Margreth Lünenborg at the ICA and Preconference 2022

News from May 17, 2022

The research project B02 “Journalism and the Order of Emotions” will present research contributions at both the annual conference of the International Communication Association (ICA) and at its preconference „Post-Truth and Affective Publics’ Challenges to Social Ties. Disinformation, Populism, Data-Driven Propaganda“ from May 25 to 30. The conference, with this year's theme "One World, One Network?!", will take place in a hybrid format, both in person in Paris and virtually.

The researchers of the project contribute with the following presentations:

Medeiros, Débora and Lünenborg, Margreth: The Affective Publics of #Hanau: Parajournalistic Actors’ Emotional Interpretations of the Far-right Terror Attack in Germany. International Communication Association Preconference. May 25, 2022, Metz.

Medeiros, Débora, Makhashvili, Ana and Lünenborg, Margreth: Negotiating Journalism’s Boundaries Within the Networked Affective Publics around the Far-Right Terror Attack in Hanau. 72nd Annual International Communication Association Conference. May 29, 2022, Paris.

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