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Publication: "Rache. Über einen blinden Fleck der Moderne" by Fabian Bernhardt

Fabian Bernhardt (TP B05) publishes his new book "Rache. Über einen blinden Fleck der Moderne" (Matthes& Seitz Berlin, 2021), in which he questions the narratives of modernity: in revenge, not only the dark side of justice appears, but also those repressed energies and affects for which there no longer seems to be a legitimate place in the modern present.

News from Jul 12, 2021

Modernity claims to have happily overcome revenge and replaced it with the rule of law. Since the Enlightenment, revenge has been regarded not only as the antagonist of law, but as the dark other of modernity in general. In his large-scale cultural-historical investigation, Fabian Bernhardt reads this hitherto hardly questioned narrative of progress against the grain.

Fabian Bernhardt presents the book in conversation with Sebastian Schirrmeister on Wednesday 14.07.2021 at 18:00. More information about the event here.

Find the Video recording here (YouTube). 

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