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Transfer of knowledge and communication


Public relations and science communications

This subproject makes the concepts and findings of the collaborative research accessible to a broad public through a variety of participation and communication formats.

Affect and colonialism web lab

The web lab aims bringing together scholars and interested parties from different parts of the world to examine the affective dynamics of colonialism and its afterlife to the present day.

Online glossary "Affective Societies: Key Concepts online"

In the new online glossary, the key concepts of the research network are freely accessible and are continuously updated and expanded.

Podcast: More than a Feeling

In our podcast, guests talk about their research and how feelings and societal fields are connected.

Affective Societies Blog

Our blog offers insights into our research work with conference and field reports, interviews, reviews, portraits, and texts by the scholars of the CRC.

E-Learning-Plattform Data Affairs

DATA AFFAIRS is a freely accessible platform that aims to provide qualitative (early career) researchers and teachers with an overview of research data management issues and invite them to engage in interactive self-study. It was developed in the Collaborative Research Center 1171 "Affective Societies".

Module project Public Relations/PR

A total of four cooperations between scientific subprojects and external partners pursue a targeted transfer of knowledge, which has an impact on the research fields and also serves to gain scientific knowledge.

Online Lecture Series

In the winter semester 2020/21, first lectures were moved into virtual rooms with our lecture series "Mobility Affects". This series was followed by the "Public Affects" series in the summer semester of 2021.