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The central result of the work group is the contouring of a new term: (P) reenactment. Due to its specific spelling, the concept brings together the terms reenactment and preenactment and thus emphasizes the fundamental interweaving of prospecting and retrospecting in performative events as well as the instability of the respective temporal perspectives. As an instrument for the analysis of affect, the concept thus formulates an extension of affect studies with regard to temporal dynamics. (P) Reenactment not only refers to embodied live performances, but also appears promising for the analysis of mediatized phenomena; it not only includes artistic performances, but can also be used to analyze political protests or everyday situations. This fundamental openness also provides the analytical potential and the interdisciplinary connectivity of the concept for future research.

In spring 2019 the volume “Performance between the times. Reenactments and Preenactments in Art and Science” was published by Transcript-Verlag Bielefeld. In addition, the glossary entry “(P) Reenactment” was created in the key concepts volume “Affective Societies”. You can view some of the contributions from the conference P / RE / ENACT! ZwischenZeitenPerformen 2017 of the ICI Berlin here in video format.


Dr. Adam Czirak (Institut für Theaterwissenschaft/ C05)
Dr. Antje Kahl (Project Nomad)
Friederike Oberkrome (C05)
Verena Straub (B01)
Michael Wetzels (C02)


Sophie Nikoleit (B03)
Dr. Robert Walter-Jochum (C04)