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Affective Economies and Audiovisual Media

The working group “Affective economies and audiovisual media” dealt with key research questions of the SFB with the aim of specifying and developing them further. They assumed that audiovisual media plays a central role in affective exchange processes in social structures. The focus of this work was therefore on the attempt to determine the affective dynamics associated with the medial arrangements in more detail.

As a result of the discussions in our group, Kerstin Schankweiler, Hauke Lehmann und Hans Roth wrote an entry on “Affective economies” in the CRC’s edited volume "Affective Societies. Key Concepts" (ed. by Jan Slaby and Christian von Scheve, Routledge, 2019).


Dr. Kerstin Schankweiler
Dr. Hauke Lehmann


Dr. Antje Kahl (Project nomad)
Prof. Dr. Ingrid Kummels (TP A05)
Thomas John (TP A05)
Prof. Dr. Tobias Wendl (TP B01)
Verena Straub (TP B01)
Prof. Dr. Margreth Lünenborg (TP B02)
Dr. Laura Suna (TP B02)
Claudia Töpper (TP B02)
Theresa Schütz (TP B03)
Prof. Dr. Cilja Harders (TP C01)
Derya Özkaya (TP C01)
Dina Wahba (TP C01)
Hans Roth (TP C05)
Nazlı Kilerci (TP C06)
Prof. Dr. Hermann Kappelhoff (TP C06)