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Débora Medeiros and Camila Nobrega Rabello Alves publish essay on the (im)possibilities of cosmopolitanism to decolonize knowledge production

News from Jul 22, 2021

Together with Camila Nobrega Rabello Alves, Débora Medeiros addressed the question "Towards Cosmopolitanism in German Academia?" in the new issue of the Global Media Journal. In their essay, they shed light on pre-assumptions of Western knowledge production and its gatekeeper role in research practice, highlighted in the context of communication studies. They call attention to how this culminates in effects of epistemic silencing and epistemic violence. At the same time, they retrace theories that propose ways of de-colonizing those practices. With recourse to Isabelle Stenger's idea of the "cosmos", they recontextualize the concept of cosmopolitanism and discuss its (im)possibilities of de-westernizing (German) Academia.

The paper, in English, was published as part of the open access journal online and is available for download.

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