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Report: Participation in the conference 'Images of the Body'

News from Nov 30, 2016

Within a panel and with a talk, the research project has been a part of this year's conference 'Images of the Body', organized by the DGPuK sections 'Media, Gender and Public Sphere' and 'Visual Communication'. The conference was held from September 28th to 30th 2016 in Hamburg.

In their talk 'Embodied Affects - Analyzing Affective and Embodied Dimensions in Reality TV', Margreth Lünenborg and Claudia Töpper highlighted conceptual distinctions between the potential for affect, affects and beeing affected as well as their specific physical and embodied dimensions, and discussed opportunities and boundaries of a transmission of theoretical reflections of the "Affect Studies" to empirical research. This allows the conceptualization of affect articulation in physical/body reactions and every day processes as central elements of existing gender and social structure.

Tanja Maier discussed and commented results and prospects of the conference in the final panel. In her conference comment she notes: "Affect theories enable communication and media scienctific research to a new point of view on the relation between body and medium. Body and medium, in this view, do not seem to be different entities, but rather have to be conceptualized in a relational connection with and to oneanother“.     



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