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Margreth Lünenborg interviewed by Deutschlandfunk

News from Jun 01, 2021

On the occasion of the 16th season finale of Germanys Next Topmodel (GNTM), Margreth Lünenborg discussed with Christoph Sterz of Deutschlandfunk how affective dynamics constitute social orders between the viewers. She argues that the viewers internalize the knowledge of specific bodily-affective practices, which build on the logics of the casting show, in such a way that it can be retrieved and pre-imitated before the scene plays out.

The interview is accessible through audio and text in German on the website of Deutschlandfunk.

The research findings of the study on season 13 of GNTM have recently been published in the monograph “Affektive Medienpraktiken. Emotionen, Körper, Zugehörigkeiten im Reality TV”.

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