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Affect and Discourse

The working group intends to engage with the relation between Affect and Discourse. The aim is to move further the approach of “Reading for Affect”, which has been introduced in the SFB Publications, and to establish a productive dialogue between Discourse and Affect studies by discussing relevant theoretical approaches on the one hand and deal with their methodological consequences on the other hand.To this end we will first deal with the impact of the “affective turn” on discourse-theoretical considerations, and the challenges, which the relational- and processontological perspective on the affective does implicate for a (text-based) discourse analysis, as well as the possibilities that can be inferred from it (Ahmed 2004).Furthermore, we will discuss particular works about discourse and affect that besides presenting theoretical reflections also put forward methodic suggestions (Ahmed 2004; Poynton and Lee 2011; Wetherell 2013) in order to reflect upon challenges in our own work (in C01 and B02) when analyzing affective dynamics within media and political discourses.


Ricarda Ameling

Bahar Firat

Ana Makhashvili

Débora Medeiros


For the winter semester 2021/22 are currently no meetings scheduled. 

04.11.2020, 13.00: Introduction

Wetherell, M. (2013). Affect and Discourse—What’s the Problem? From Affect as Excess to Affective/Discursive Practice. Subjectivity, 6(4), 349–368.

Wetherell, M. (2012). Negotiating affect: Discourse, representation and affective meaning-making. (aus: Affect and Emotion: A new social science understanding.)

02.12.2020, 13.00: Feminist Positioning °1

Bellina, L., & Langer, A. (2019). Diskursanalyse und feministische Kritik(en). In A. Langer, M. Nonhoff, & M. Reisigl (Eds.), Diskursanalyse und Kritik (pp. 259–285). Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden.

Åhäll, L. (2018). Affect as Methodology: “Feminism and the Politics of Emotion”. International Political Sociology, Volume 12, Issue 1, 36–52.

06.01.2021, 13.00: Feminist Positioning °2

Dorer, J. (2002). Diskurs, Medien und Identität. In J. Dorer & B. Geiger (Eds.), Feministische Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaft (pp. 53–78). VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften.

Hemmings, C. (2012). Affective Solidarity: Feminist Reflexivity and Political Transformation. Feminist Theory, 13 (2), 147-161.

20.01.2021, 13.00: Signifying Nothing

Gilbert, J. (2004). Signifying Nothing: “Culture,” “Discourse” and the Sociality of Affect. Culture Machine, 6. https://culturemachine.net/deconstruction-is-in-cultural-studies/signifying-nothing/

10.02.2021, 13.00: Methodology

Poynton, C., & Lee, A. (2011). Affect-ing discourse: towards an embodied discourse analytics. Social Semiotics, 21(5), 633–644.

Glapka, E. (2019). Critical affect studies: On applying discourse analysis in research on affect, body and power. Discourse & Society, 30 (6), 600-621.

03.03.2021, 13.00: Discourse and Institutionalism

Schmidt, V. A. (2010). Taking Ideas and Discourse Seriously: Explaining Change Through Discursive Institutionalism as the Fourth ‘New Institutionalism.’ European Political Science Review, 2(01), 1.

09.06.2021, 13.00: Workshop

Dong Wei “Analyzing the bitter emotions in the Chinese reality show X-Change”

Bahar Firat & Ricarda Ameling "How do Autocrats do affect? An analysis of affect and discourse at the example of selected Erdogan and Sisi speeches"

23.06.2021, 10.00: Workshop

Regina Brückner "Nationalsozialistische Untergrund im Diskurs filmischer Bilder"

Ana Makhashvili "Formation of outrage in social media texts"