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Launch: Das Affect and Colonialism Web Lab ist online!

Das Affect and Colonialism Web Lab ist mit den ersten Videos und der ersten Folge des Podcasts online gegangen.

News vom 16.08.2021


The Web Lab brings together researchers, journalists, activists, and artists all over the world interested in the affective lives and afterlives of colonialism. Together, we want to explore new ways of communicating knowledge online and build partnerships between people from the Global North and the Global South. 

We launch the Web Lab with 15 videos that already show a great variety of content and format: From ethnographic accounts (Laibor Kalanga Moko “Feeling Colonialism Through Maasai Objects”), to art performances (Mala Badi “Collective Healing from Colonial Memory”), from philosophical discussions (Jan Slaby and Henrike Kohpeiß “Affect and Blackness”) to poetic explorations (Tanja-Bianca Schmidt “Gorée”), to name just a few. 

Our digital fellowship program has already started in May. Check out the intro-videos by our current fellows Jaider Esbell (“Amplifying Affect in Research and Artistic-Cultural Practices”) and Luiza Prado (“Reproduction, Herbal Medicine and Coloniality”). 

We also just launched the first episode of the Affect and Colonialism Podcast. Listen to Débora Medeiros who talks with Jonas Bens about the affective politics of media in Bolsonaro Brazil. You can listen to it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

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