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Internationaler Workshop: Transforming emotion cultures - Transdisciplinary perspectives on immigration and conflict

28.11.2016 - 29.11.2016

Internationaler Forschungsworkshop an der Tel Aviv University in Kollaboration mit SFB 1171 Wissenschaftlern

Studies from disciplines all across the board have long accepted the fundamental role of culture in the experience, display and articulation of emotions. Cases of cultural contacts, in which different groups compete over how to understand social reality and gain better access to resources, reveal to be particularly intriguing for the study of emotions as culture-dependent social competencies. Such cases are provided by immigration, which entails complex interactions between newcomers and veterans as well as between different immigration groups. In this context, conflicts are often inevitable, since individuals and groups invest maximal efforts in negotiating cultural values and repertoires for acting competently and gain status in shared social spaces. Often discussions of emotions in the context of immigration focus on negative emotions (such as loss, stress, shame or resentment). Yet other studies point at a more complex emotional dynamics, in which a broader emotional spectrum is at play in the multifarious interaction forms between and among immigrants and veterans alike. While questions of Emotion and Immigration are often studied separately in different disciplines, in this workshop we bring together perspectives from sociology, anthropology, culture research, psychology and history to carve out new pathways to investigate immigration and conflict through the lens of emotions.

Zeit & Ort

28.11.2016 - 29.11.2016

Tel Aviv University
Gilman 496 (Drachlis Hall)