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Real Bodies – True Emotions

Vortrag von Theresa Schütz bei der re:publica 2017 am 9. Mai 2017

Why is the body the ultimate factor for emotional immersion in VR, MR and AR? The central role of the body and its representation in VR, MR and AR is illuminated in four successive short lectures and subsequent conversations. The longing for the vulnerable presence of the other person, the body and its feelings, is a common thread through the paradigm shift of the digital revolution: Never before have there been so many concerts and festivals, never before so many people attended dance, theater and performances, never before so many congress formats. And the first downloads for VR games and applications also reflect this development: communicative, open multiplayer are much more popular than single player applications. Theresa Schütz from the research project Reenacting Emotions at the Freie Universität Berlin points out parallels between simulative scenarios in VR and peformative installations and how they affect emotions.