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Traversing Fields. Affective Continuities across Muslim and Christian Settings in Berlin

Social Analysis Journal (Cover)

Social Analysis Journal (Cover)

Kasmani, Omar; Mattes, Dominik – 2020

This article, a reflection on collaborative fieldwork involving a Sufi Muslim and a Pentecostal Christian setting in Berlin, examines whether distinct and diverse religious groups can be brought into a meaningful relation with one another. It considers the methodological possibilities that might become possible or foreclose when two researchers, working in different prayer settings in the same city, use affect as a common frame of reference while seeking to establish shared affective relations and terrains that would otherwise be implausible. With two separately observed accounts of prayer gatherings in a shared urban context, we describe locally specific workings of affect and sensation. We argue that sense-aesthetic forms and patterns in our field sites are supralocal affective forms that help constitute an analytic relationality between the two religious settings.

Traversing Fields
Kasmani, Omar; Mattes, Dominik
DOI: 10.3167/sa.2020.640107
Erschienen in
Social Analysis 64(1)
Größe oder Länge
pp. 111–117