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Conference: Audio/Vision/Culture – New Perspectives on Turkish German Cinema

May 25-27, 2023

In recent years, a lot of activity has taken place in research on the so-called “Turkish German cinema”: the term itself has been deconstructed, historicized, and criticized from both theoretical and political perspectives: Is it a genre or not? Which points of view are excluded by the use of the term? Is the focus on the “Turkish German” still appropriate to the current, rapidly and dynamically changing audiovisual culture in Europe and Germany? And which research perspectives promise new insights compared to the conventional paradigms of analysis?

Our international conference will gather the current state of research on Turkish German cinema and bring the different approaches into dialogue with each other. Our aim is to look ahead and to test constructive approaches beyond old oppositions. We see one such possibility in the notion of audiovisual culture – namely, in an emphasis on the charged interplay of the three components of this formula: in what ways do the visual and the auditory interact to establish cultural contexts? What is gained when we establish the concept of culture audiovisually? What does it mean for film analysis to understand audiovisual stagings as modulations of the cultural? Particularly important for our discussion is a focus on the relationship between (cultural) theory and the analysis of cinematic movement-images.

Conference Venue

Sinema Transtopia, Lindower Str. 20/22, Haus C, 13347 Berlin

Detailed Programme

Keynote Lecture

25.05. 18:45

Deniz Göktürk (UC Berkeley):  Finding Sights and Sounds for the Future in Archives on the Move
Response by Gözde Naiboğlu (University of Leicester)

Film Screenings

25.05., 20:00 Kara Kafa (Korhan Yurtsever, Turkey 1979)

26.05., 20:00 Sonne (Kurdwin Ayub, Austria 2022)

Roundtable Discussion: Turkish-German Audiovisual Culture

27.05. 10:30 Ömer Alkın, Ahmet Gürata, Nazlı Kilerci-Stevanović, Biene Pilavci, Can Sungu


by Enis Dinç, Özgür Çiçek, Carlos Kong, Pınar Yıldız, Berna Güneli, Ayça Tunç Cox, Nazlı Kilerci-Stevanović, Hauke Lehmann, Mehmet Kayın, Olgu Yiğit, Muriel Schindler


Please drop us an email by May 5, and let us know which day(s) or events you would like to attend: turkish.german.cinema@gmail.com