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Turkish Foreign Policy in a Changing Arab World. Rise and Fall of a Regional Actor?

Journal of European Integration (Cover)

Journal of European Integration (Cover)

Ayata, Bilgin – 2015

This article analyses Turkey’s responses to the Arab uprisings in the context of its larger foreign policy transformation and regional aspirations. The AKP government seized the uprisings as an opportunity to increase its influence in the region by assigning itself a central role in the transition processes in various countries. In the process, however, Turkey faced a number of setbacks and reversals. Comparing the cases of Libya, Syria, and Egypt, the paper argues that Turkey’s efforts to advance regime change in these sites were marked by inconsistency and incoherence. Furthermore, the paper argues that this trajectory of reactions can be explained only by taking both ideational and domestic factors into account. Despite the shortcomings of Turkey’s actions, however, the article concludes that Turkey has consolidated itself as a regional actor, albeit a controversial one.

Turkish Foreign Policy in a Changing Arab World
Ayata, Bilgin
DOI: 10.1080/07036337.2014.975991
Erschienen in
Journal of European Integration 37(1)
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pp. 95–112