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Gendering the Egyptian Revolution

Women's Movements in Post-"Arab Spring" North Africa (Cover)

Women's Movements in Post-"Arab Spring" North Africa (Cover)

Wahba, Dina – 2016

Based on the author’s personal involvement as a young activist in the Egyptian revolution as well as engagement with various theoretical backings, this chapter explores the centrality of gender in the revolution that swept over the country. Gender is used as an analytical tool throughout the chapter and as a means to render the ups and downs of women’s participation in the revolution. Hence, the chapter depicts how women’s build-up to the revolution in terms of political mobilization developed into active participation in the making of this revolution through politicized activities and proximity activism, and how a counterrevolution using sexual harassment, virginity tests, and systematic violence against female protestors hindered the revolutionary process. This chapter is not merely a personal quest; it is also an attempt to use research to explore the Egyptian revolution from a feminist perspective.

Gendering the Egyptian Revolution
Wahba, Dina
DOI: 10.1057/978-1-137-50675-7_5
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Sadiqi (Ed.) 2016 – Women's Movements in Post-"Arab Spring" North Africa
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pp. 61–76