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Emotional Sharing in Football Audiences

Emotional Sharing in Football Audiences (Cover)

Emotional Sharing in Football Audiences (Cover)

Thonhauser, Gerhard; Wetzels, Michael – 2019

The negative aim of this paper is to identify shortcomings in received theories. First, we criticize approaching audiences, and large gatherings more general, in categories revolving around the notion of the crowd. Second, we show how leading paradigms in emotion research restrict research on the social-relational dynamics of emotions by reducing them to physiological processes like emotional contagion or to cognitive processes like social appraisal. Our positive aim is to offer an alternative proposal for conceptualizing emotional dynamics in audiences. First, we offer a notion of emotional sharing for studying the social-relational dynamics of emotions. Second, we propose a working concept of audience as a dynamic and dispersed social collective. Finally, we bring these elements together in the description of two scenes of jubilation.

Emotional Sharing in Football Audiences
Thonhauser, Gerhard; Wetzels, Michael
DOI: 10.1080/00948705.2019.1613159
Erschienen in
Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 46(2)
Größe oder Länge
pp. 224–243