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Applied Theatre. Theatre for Change

Transformative Aesthetics (Cover)

Transformative Aesthetics (Cover)

Warstat, Matthias – 2017

The concept of applied theatre is used as a sort of catch-all for theatre projects with explicit political, pedagogical or therapeutic intentions. Applied theatre will be introduced as a form of theatre gaining in international significance. It will also be investigated with respect to its aesthetic potential. Internationally, theatre forms that pursue social, pedagogical or therapeutic agendas under the umbrella of terms like social theatre, community theatre, or indeed applied theatre are on the rise. Applied theatre is not any individual form of theatre, for entirely distinct forms of theatre—from psychodrama to role-play to stand-up comedy—can be done as applied theatre. Applied theatre is, in essence, a contextual concept. The collective character of applied theatre projects, equally capable of producing powerful group dynamics or significant peer pressure, also speaks for its place in the tradition of twentieth-century models of political theatre. Applied theatre is more a theatre for its collaborators than its spectators.

Applied Theatre
Warstat, Matthias
DOI: 10.4324/9781315164991-9
Erschienen in
Fischer-Lichte, Wihstutz (Ed.) 2017 – Transformative Aesthetics
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pp. 173–190