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The Fourth Conference of the Arab Council for the Social Sciences - 2019

“Power, Borders and Ecologies in Arab Societies: Practices and Imaginaries”

April 12-14, 2019 | Beirut, Lebanon

The Conference's theme reflected the continued desire of the ACSS to promote new approaches and paradigms emerging across the disciplines of the social sciences and humanities and to better understand the constraints and potentials that shape the Arab region.   The Conference sought to examine new emergent ecologies (political, economic, urban, geographical, social and cultural) both in terms of the practices of multiple actors on the ground as well as through the imaginaries that represent, legitimize and contest them. It also aimed to better understand social science and humanities knowledge production itself.

The Conference included 38 panels, including 12 panels for ACSS grantees, 3 author showcases, and 5 roundtables. Cilja Harders and Dina Wahba participated in Panel 27.

Panel 27: Affect in (Counter)Revolutionary Times: Moments, Actors and Practices

Chair: Mohammed Bamyeh

  • Beyond Failure or Success: Understanding the Egyptian Revolution through the Lens of Affect and Emotion | Cilja Harders
  • The Unravelling of ‘the People’ and the (Re)making of the Terrorist and the Baltagy | Dina Wahba
  • Nihilism and Negotiating Moral Futures: Social Death of The Egyptian ‘Baltajy’ (Thug) | Hatem Hassa