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P/Re/Enact! Performing in Between Times

Poster Preenact

Poster Preenact

Conference from the 27th to 28th of October 2017 at ICI Berlin 

For quite some time the concept of reenactment has enjoyed popularity as an artistic practice used to visualize and contemporize the past. More recently the term preenactment has started to receive a great deal of attention. Preenactment as a performative practice does not deal with the revision or replication of an historic event, ins-tead it sets out to experiment with fictitious time(s) and space(s). How can one conceptualize the temporality of preenactment when the vectors, intensities and affects go beyond an allegedly fleeting moment? Similar to how reenactment always provides a prospective dimension, preenactment always includes a retrospective dimension which is why we conceive of it as (P)reenactment. We thereby encourage establishing a new perspective of the notion of reenactment, whereby reoccurrence, repetition or duration does not stand at the forefront, but rather as a beginning, as a means of relief, a process of transition and means of reorientation.

Organized by Adam Czirak, Sophie Nikoleit, Friederike Oberkrome, Verena Straub, Robert Walter-Jochum, and Michael Wetzels