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Workshop "Emotions in Movements" im Hebbel am Ufer

Am 02.07.2023 wird Débora Medeiros zusammen mit Véronica Gago und Jule Govrin über die Rolle von Affekten und Emotionen in emanzipatorischen Bewegungen sprechen. Die Diskussion findet im Kontext der Konferenz "Beyond Equality: Feminisms Reclaiming Life" im HAU statt.

News vom 27.06.2023

"What role play affects and emotions in mass mobilization? Under which conditions does their politicization become emancipatory, and under what conditions are they authoritarian? Mass protests ignite with affective impulses: The shared experience of violence and oppression becomes a key promoter for emancipatory movements when suffering and fear are turning into rage. Organizing rage over structural violence repeatedly finds expression in queer-feminist and decolonial mass protests on the one hand. On the other hand, emotions are regressively transformed into resentment and hatred against marginalized groups under right-wing populists and authoritarianism. This workshop aims to understand the role of emotions in mass mobilization from a feminist-activist and socio-psychological perspective." (HAU)

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