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Patron Saint Fiesta Videos. Mediatization and Transnationalization between the Sierra Mixe and California

Adjusting the Lens (Cover)

Adjusting the Lens (Cover)

Kummels, Ingrid – 2017

Based on extensive and in-depth fieldwork, Ingrid Kummels details the links and intricacies of indigenous multimedia production and consumption between Tamazulapam, Oaxaca, and the town's diaspora in Los Angeles. Her chapter sheds light on the continuities between radio shows,home videos,and the local contracted services documenting festive gatherings that shape transnational practices of survival and decolonization. Her chapter opens up an alternative history of video in indigenous language, highlighting how video in the Sierra Mixe evolved long before the state-sponsored video indigena movement, and how it has continued autonomously since then. She draws attention to film aesthetics and commercialization, and concludes that this complex diasporic media production does not fit the paradigms of using video to intervene in the public sphere with a communal focus.

Patron Saint Fiesta Videos
Kummels, Ingrid
DOI: 10.2307/j.ctt1sq5trw.9
Erschienen in
Schiwy, Wammack Weber (Ed.) 2017 – Adjusting the Lens
Größe oder Länge
pp. 119–150